Your Story, is Our Story.

All In, For You.


Building strong relationships with our clients from start to finish is what we do. Whether you're in the market to buy or sell, we are committed to supporting your real estate needs through every step of the process.


Let us show you how we guide our buyers and sellers through their real estate transactions with accuracy and provision, leading to peace-of-mind and stress-free results.


Whatever your reasons for buying, finding the right home in the perfect neighborhood, and at a cost that is within your budget, is no small task. That's why many buyers choose to work with a full-service, licensed real estate professional, like myself, to guide them through the process. Our agents have detailed information about properties for sale by every company, and can make appointments to see any home that you're interested in.


When you make the decision to sell your home, the goal is to get the best price and the most favorable terms in a timeframe that meets your needs. That's why many sellers choose to work with a full-service, licensed real estate professional, like myself. From effective pricing and marketing to making sure the closing process runs smoothly, our agents will provide expert representation and support every step of the way.



With total emphasis on an active home search rather than a passive one, we work diligently to take the criteria we've decided on, and help you locate your future home. Auto searches are helpful, but true results come from being on the court, not in the stands.


  • Help you find the home that best meets your needs in the most efficient time frame
  • Provide current market data to assist you in making informed decisions
  • Help you understand all the terms, processes, and documents involved in a real estate transaction
  • Represent your needs through skilled negotiations and effective communication
  • Provide you with a peace-of-mind that all details are being handed in a professional and efficient matter



Preparing your home to go on the market can end up seeming like a never-ending to-do list. By keeping up with current trends and topics, we use our relevant experience and knowledge to guide our sellers with realistic suggestions for what to do, what not to do, what to spend, and so on.


  • Provide information about the current market and work with you to set a price accordingly
  • Provide exposure to more buyers and agents through extensive marketing outreach
  • Communicate regularly so you can make informed decisions throughout the entire process
  • Help you understand all the terms, processes, and paperwork involved
  • Serve as your advocate and negotiate the most favorable terms from pricing to closing
  • Provide with a peace-of-mind that all details are being handled in a professional and efficient manner


"Christina was just the right person for the job! She was recommended to us by our lender less than a day before we needed to have our offer in. We contacted her, and not only got the offer in on time, but beat out 8 other offers on the house!"

— Carrie Korynta
Selling Agent: Christina Jarvis

"She had great knowledge of the neighborhood and was familiar with the type of clients that would be drawn to our property. She kept us informed and communicated with us throughout the whole process which help to put our minds at ease."

— SJ Wong
Listing Agent: Michelle Woo

" Jimm's knowledge on the area, the home buying process, HOA's and the escrow process made the process smooth sailing throughout. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to relocate to the Seattle area!"

— J. Pullin
Selling Agent: Jimm Elliott

"I would highly recommend working with her and her team as she was very responsive and able to set up viewings for us quickly and had great knowledge of the market and area we were purchasing in. As first time home buyers she made the process much easier!"

— Rachael Akisada
Selling Agent: Heather Maddox

"Terence provided an arduous task of selling a home into a seamless easy process. While we were out of town, he took it upon himself to fix minor appearance items to ensure the process did not get bogged down."

— A. Jeng
Listing Agent: Terence Lee